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Please read our policy on minimum number of particpants and how it could potentially affect your tour. 

On rare occasions, our tours do not meet their minimum numbers. In this case, you can simply pay to cover the minimum number of people required to run the tour so you don't miss out!

For example, our Original Florence Walk has a minimum of 4 adults required for the tour to run. That is, there should be a collective amount of 4 clients signed up for this tour. The tour cost per adult is 29 euro, so the minimum amount to be paid in case the tour does meet the minimum group number is 116 euro. If there are 3 people in the group and you pay the difference for the remaining spot, the tour can run.  

We will contact you the evening prior if your tour has not met the minimum number of participants, so please remember to include your hotel or cell phone contact information in your booking notes and let us know if you are interested in this option. We also suggest you use an email address that you will have access to during your travels. Of course, if we do get last-minute bookings, you will not be charged the extra amount.

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