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"Walking Tours of Florence are wise and well informed. They have a fresh accessible style which makes it fun. The recipe seems to be the more you enjoy the more you learn. And it works."

Michael Palin

Actor/Presenter (Monty Python and a list of fabulous films too long to list here)

"The Greatest Tour Guide Ever!"

Lou Reed


"...This tour is wonderful, it is informative, complete and fun. And more importantly, you don't feel like a sheep in a flock, herded around town..."

Richard Kind

Actor (Mad about You, Spin City)

"Thank You for the Wonderful Experience!"

Alex Rodriguez

Baseball Star (In December of 2000 Rodriguez became the best-paid ballplayer of all time when he signed a $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers)

"Walking Tours of Florence are much more than tours, because you leave feeling almost as if you know Michelangelo and the other Masters personally."

Mike Munro

One of Australia's finest investigative journalists and well known media personalities.

"Thank you for a wonderful job… you made us feel like we were the most important people in Florence. We all left singing your praises. Thank you very much."

Bill Kurtis

Acclaimed documentary host and producer, network news anchor and multimedia production company.

"Entertaining and Informative!"

Nat Young

World Surfing Champion

"I had the most relaxing and fun experiences with you covering Italian food, wine, art and culture. Thank you for the warm and friendly way in which you welcomed me. I was very impressed by the high professionalism of your staff."

Chi Xun

Director and writer


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Ideal for websites that focus on travel, wine, food, shopping or Italy in general, ArtViva's Affiliate Program can increase the value and functionality of your website, and is a great way to increase profits. Simply place one of our specially-designed banners on your website. You’ll then earn money each time a booking for one of our tours in Italy is generated from your site.  

How does the Affiliate Program work?

1. After completing our online application form, we will send a formal contract and a request for information including bank details to pay your commission for sales of our Italy tours booked via the banner on your site. You will also receive a list of commission rates we offer for each visit.

2. Once the completed contract is received and approval of the affiliate has been made, we will forward via e-mail special webmaster HTML code to install our Affiliate Program banner or link on your website. It only takes a few minutes to complete this operation.

3. All reservations made through your website as part of the Affiliate Program will go directly to our booking system to be processed. A special encryption code will keep track of which affiliate website the booking was made through. These reservations are automatically added to a quarterly report that we create for affiliates of reservations made through their websites and the amount of commission to be received.

4. Each month you will receive a statement from our company listing bookings completed via your site. You will simply need to send an invoice for the amount listed that this can be paid to you. After receiving your invoice, we will pay the commission owed to the account details provided, directly to your bank account.


  • Featuring Artviva Tours on your web site increases visibility on search engines and aids search engine ranking.
  • A link from your site directly to our booking engine can increase the overall appeal and quality of your website.
  • Help regarding the Affiliate Program is available by phone or e-mail to help manage the program.
  • We ensure quality offering the best tours in Italy. Artviva manages and keeps track of all reservations made, complete from the day the reservation is accepted until the day the tour booked through your website takes place.

Commission on sales:

To receive commissions on Artviva tours, all you have to do is install a link to our booking engine on your website, and we will do the rest while you earn money from each sale generated from your own site.

Commissions on sales of Artviva tours are paid at the end of the next calendar month after the customer has traveled. So if someone books an Artviva Tour through your website for June, the payment of your commission will be made at the end of July.

All the tours on our Affiliate Program are managed by Artviva. This means that bookings are made directly with Artviva, rather than through a third party.

Artviva Original and Best Tours:

Artviva offers a wide selection of guided tours by knowledgeable, expert guides throughout Italy. Tours include skip-the-line entry for all the top places to see in Italy including the Vatican, Coliseum, Michelangelo's David at the Accademia, the Uffizi Gallery and the St Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

Our single-day sightseeing trips include a whole range of other fabulous places. We are fully licensed and insured, to ensure customer safety and security when travelling with us.

Some of our most popular tours include:

Other services include:

  • Private tours in Italy
  • Exclusive things to do in Italy
  • Tailored events
  • Special occasion arrangements made
  • Livorno shore excursions
  • Rome shore excursions
  • Naples shore excursions
  • Venice Shore excursions
  • Rome Transfers
  • Venice Transfers
  • Florence Transfers

There are many tours in Italy available to book on our website, with unique and innovative itineraries. We are also constantly adding new products to our portfolio.

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